Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Classic case of ART meet FART

Yes indeed, he has arrived! Samo Zaen is here! 52 is here! You ask what the hell does 52 have to do with Samo Zaen well as it turns out that I managed to pass the kidney stone and found his website in the toilet (I hope you get the pun).

In the website the following is written:


Samo Zaen is known by 52 slogan & its become one of the most famous slogans in the whole Arabian world by recognition of magazines according to the public’s opinion, the slogan means
S from Samo = 5
Z from Zaen = 2

End Quote

(if you don’t believe me check it out for yourselves)

An analysis of the above is as follows:

Samo = Bullshit
Zaen = Bullshit
known = Bullshit
52 = Bullshit
slogan = Bullshit
famous = Bullshit
Arabian world = Bullshit
public’s = Bullshit

My misfortune led me to the titbit of information you see above, and I became concerned that if I continue I would lose the wonderful meal I had earlier in the day, so I abstained.

Below is a picture in Thursday’s Al Qabas magazine section and below it is the article (click the article to read is you dare).

القبس 23/2/2006


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