Saturday, June 24, 2006

Asstivist as in Activist

I don’t know this guy well enough, but think he could be a prime contender for the title:

بو زقه

in English:

Bo Zaaga

(Father of the Shit – Shit is singular not plural)



iDip said...

sorry... but I didn't get the point behind choosing such title!

can you elaborate please?

Playa Hater said...

Yes idip, he appeared on Al Nebari's Nabbeha Tahalof broadcasted "Nadwa" where he made a speech, after hearing the "speech" I could not help myself but think...بو زقه..Its just an opinion, hence the "...but think he could be a prime contender for the title:"

Or I could just be an idiot who likes to pick on people

Note: there is no clear cut definition on the word بو زقه but Kuwaitis use it a lot in referring to people who “love to be in the picture.”


The Hater