Friday, September 02, 2005

جنس ثالث ريال

القبس 2/9/2005

Below please find examples of

الجنس الثالث

Note: the pictures are not related to the story above, they are purely for educational reasons.


esetch said...

الخبر منقول غلط

أهم كانوا بيقلبون عليه


geo said...

zain esawwi feehom

Papillona ® said...

Playa Hater
I've been hesitating to write a comment on your blog but I thought why not express my openion! It's not like there are "rules" that we have to agree with some post so that we can leave a comment.

You have some funny but lately I have noticed that most of your posts are really insulting for many, Don't you think we have enough judgments and pressure in this society? I just wonder do you really find it fun?

There are millions of subjects we can write or talk about and you can judge too but why insult others? but I guess you find it fun this way so I want to ask WHY? seriously when I read your blog, I mean when I SEE your blog I feel too upset especially when you make fun of people 'overwight' or a certain tribe or a certain tradition or what so ever. it is just sad.

it's your blog anyway and you can do what ever you want, but Ii I may ask you Why? I'm just curious to know HOW you enjoy doing this?

Best Regards

MacRoyal said...

بالنيابة عن صاحب البلوغ اذا يسمحلى أعلق على سارة.. ليش تكبير المسائل والحساسية وأقصد مجتمعنا ترى مقبول نسبيا وعلى المستوى العالمى شدعوة مو ليه هالدرجة العيشة صعبة وبالنسبة للجنوس والقبائل الكل عنده لسان ويدافع عن نفسه وعلى قولة المرحوم العالم دارون البقاء للاقوى فى عالم الطبيعة وأنا اشجع وأناشد الجنوس بأن يردوا على صاحب البلوغ ويغيرون وجهة نظرة ونصيحتى لك حاولى أتأثرين وماتتأثريين بالمحيط الى حولك ؟؟

Playa Hater said...


Good call. You might be right.


انقلبت الآية


Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your comment and your welcome in my blog. And please feel free to express your opinion anytime you wish to do so on here.

I attempt when I post to be satirical. Satire in case you don’t know what it means is using “irony, sarcasm, and ridicule, to attack the vices and follies of humankind.” You can see examples of satire used everywhere in developed countries around the world towards public figures and especially politicians. A good example of this is who American media addresses some of the behaviors of its presidents i.e. George W. and Bill Clinton.

In Kuwait we don’t have that in our media, but we have a ton of it in our personal life, within closed quarters. I think that Kuwaitis are the most sarcastic people on earth. We make fun of things constantly and have a healthy sense of humor. That said when I post something I don’t really go out of my way to insult anyone, but if you have a look back at my last 10 posts they dealt with a broad range of subjects. Judging from your comment I think you weren’t happy to see me “insult” (even though I don’t think I was insulting anyone) الجنس الثالث and the two posts about the مطران. These posts where taken directly from the newspaper which like anyone I read every morning and sometimes see things in it and say to myself “what the hell?” but instead of saying that I take it a step further and post it on here. I do this instead of writing about what I did with my girlfriend while we were alone in a closed room. And I’m sorry you feel sad and upset about seeing these things on my blog.

Thank you for dropping by and hope you drop by more often, as I stop by your blog once in a while and like it.

Kind regards,

Player Hater


Thank you for trying to defend me in a way I think is most appropriate, and that is in a satirical way. I found it very fitting.

Papillona ® said...

??البقاء للاقوى فى عالم الطبيعة
I asked a simple question. I believe making fun of other people or pointing out their problems and week points DOES NOT make you stronger.

Dear Playa Hater,
As I mentioned previously, it is your blog you can write about ANYTHING you want including your "girlfriend". You have your total freedom. I'm not defending homosexuals or tribes but I found your posts too offensive and I know this kind of media and I'm not a big fan. I'm only expressing my openion. Thank you for your kind words and your time.

MacRoyal said...

عزيزتى سارة اوحيتى لنا بأنك مدافعة للانسانية والقبائل وحقوق الجنوس وكأنهم ضعفاءو لماذا التحرش بهذا البلوغ بالخلق وعلية حاولت ان أوضح بان أخوانا الجنوس يستطيعون أن يتقبلوا النقد و السخيرية وأن يردوا ويعلقوا ويدافعوا عن أنفسهم ويكونوا الاقوى جدليا او جسديا والدليل ماذكرته الصحف... اتمنى ان تسألى عن مثل لبنانى مشهور للصحفى ميشل أبو جدعة وأسالى ما الحكمة منه. تحياتى