Monday, September 05, 2005

Public Service Announcement

جمع "الطارقة" هو الطوارق



VW Touareq

This means that despite them stopping the عانية they will still keep the tradition of giving the groom the gift of the VW Touareq. Since 2003 it was deemed more appropriate to give the Touareq instead of the tired old tradition of giving sheep.


Spontaneousnessity said...

you know what it could also mean? Toureq in morocco happens to be the slaves or as they're called the bondmaids "jawari" of the king which he could actually "legally" sleep with and have his babies even though they're not his wives.

it could mean they accept one of those.

MacRoyal said...

لا لا ياجماعة المقصود فيها بدلا من العانية تفضل بزيارة شيخ القبيلة وأستلم طراق بدل العانية أو استلام نسختك من شريط فرقة التلفزيون أغنية طاق طاق بالطرباق؟

NuNu™ said...