Monday, May 16, 2005

I feel robbed! How come Roula Dashti didn't go on a hunger strike?


Anonymous said...

Because its not 1914.
wake up.

Playa Hater said...

You have to think of things in perspective. Yes its not 1914 in the US, but its 1914 in Kuwait. Talk to me when we send someone to the moon and establish a porno industry!

go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

When woman were given their rights in 1920 in the United States it was 1920.

Today almost all of the countries in the world have womans rights.

we were an exception. And a disgrace to the sign of the time.

its 2005. Wake up.


And by the way the cure for lukemia does not dismiss the value of Kuwaiti women getting their rights, its a great thing, and so was the cure for lukemia.

Playa Hater said...

True Kuwait is a country! But Kuwait is unlike other countries. Someone with an average analytical mind should foresee whats going to happen in the next elections. Hell you don't even need to have an average analytical mind to figure it out, Fahad Al Kana (MP) spelled it out yesterday he boldly told Kuwait the next elections are going to be a sweep for Islamist and Conservatives.

I am not against women rights in Kuwait, but believe me after the political storm were going to see because of what happened yesterday people are not going to wear blue T-Shirts and shout 'Women are Kuwaiti too'.

"we were an exception. And a disgrace to the sign of the time."

If you want to cease from being a disgrace pay the Bangladeshi workers their dues then talk about shame.

Thousands of People die every year around the world because of Leukemia. I don't see a lot of women die because they can't vote.

Anonymous said...

we all know that the outcome of the election might be to the advantage of the islamist. In a democracy the majority rule. I wont like the outcome, but that is what a democracy is all about. And now that we know this, in order to turn things around the liberals have to spread thier ideals as much as possible. If not this election, the next, if not the next, the one after that. The students in the US were held by islamist for over 30 years, and 6 years ago the tables changed. Thats what its all about.