Sunday, May 22, 2005

Muslim Fundamentalists

Kuwaiti journalist and businesswoman Aisha al-Rsheid talks to reporters during a press conference at her office in Kuwait City on Saturday, May 21, 2005. Al-Rsheid announced that she will run for parliament in 2007 in a precinct that is known to be a bastion for Muslim fundamentalists who oppose women in politics. (AP Photo/Gustavo Ferrari).

fun·da·men·tal·ism [fùndə mént’l ìzzəm]

1. movement advocating return to traditional principles: a religious or political movement based on a literal interpretation of and strict adherence to doctrine, especially as a return to former principles

2. support for literal explanation: the belief that religious or political doctrine should be implemented literally, not interpreted or adapted

-fun·da·men·tal·ist, n adj -fun·da·men·tal·ist·ic [fùndə ment’l ístik], adj

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