Sunday, July 17, 2005

Another one bites the dust! (Updated)

Heavy D

Remember him?

Sometimes Credited As:

Heavy D & the Boyz
Dwight 'Heavy D' Myers
Dwight Errington Myers
Dwight Myers

Heavy D Most Popular Albums:

Heavy Hitz
Big Tyme
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection

Heavy disappeared for a while only to re-appear again on the airwaves with a new look.

This is Halle Berry crying when she heard the news (Please ignore the thing shes holding in her hands)!

P.S. I made this up and its not true! So don't get your panties in a bunch over this!


tequila69 said...

Hahahahaha good one ..he sure does look like him!

Mark said...

lol it does look like him! fucking cool!

Jazz Central said...

LOOOOOOL....I swear you made my morning :) I can't tell how I hard I was lauging to myself when I scrolled down and saw that pic!

bo_ghazi said...

hahahahahaha man thats really funny, so I guess its only McHammer who turned religious!

Playa Hater said...

Azalm Alikoum

Brother Heavy D no longer goes by that name…or by Dwight Errington Myers…that name was his slave name given to him by the green eyed white devil slave master.. From now on Brother D will be known as Lukewarm Shabaz! Why lukewarm you ask? Its cause he fat, warm and cuddly..Shabaz is just a name floating out there so we decided to stick it to him!

Yours truly,

غلوم da entertainer
Nation of Polar-Opposite-Islam (NPOI)

Azalm Alikoum

BusyNow said...

thats him