Monday, July 04, 2005

R Rated Names

This post is inspired by SheWrites .. because she’s good enough, she’s smart enough, and gosh-darnit, people like her!

I Googled “names that sound dirty” and found a site that list a whole punch of them (these are real names of real people).

I picked some for you:

A.S. Muncher
Ben Derhover
Connie Lingus
Curley Pubes
Dick Long
Dick Ramdass
Dixie Normous
Dixon Cox
Dixon Kuntz
E. Norma Stits
Eaton Beaver
Fonda Peters
Fudd G. Packer
Hans Omaicok
Harry A. Nuis
Harry Azcrac
Harry Beaver
Harry Dong
Hugh Janus
I. Yankit
I.C Yadick
Ilova Gudfach
Ima Horndawg
Ima Reilly Cumming
Ivana Fuccu
Ivanna B. Spanked
Jack Meoff
Jew C. Tuatt
Kareem M. Pants
Mister Period
Mrs. Hiscock
Neil Inlick
Ol' Dirty Bastard (aka. ODB, he’s dead by the way)
Pat Hiscock
Pat Maweini
Peter Beter
Peter Fitzinwell
Peter Insidya
Phil C. Rottencrotch
Phil McAvity
Phil McCrackin
Phillip A. Butt
Semour Asscrack
Seymour Snatch
Stella Virgin
Willie Focker


Stinni said...

I went to school with a Mike Hunt. Say it fast.. =)

SheWrites said...

Parents can be so cruel. Why name your kid Curly if your last name is Pubes?


I'm glad I inspired a dirty names post. That's rather hot.


iDip said...

two more:

George Bush

Dick Cheney

Playa Hater said...


Of course you did


Don’t blame it on Jesus!


Only you are allowed to click this link

SheWrites said...

I clicked the link that only iDip was allowed to click on!

And now I may be fired from my job.



Playa Hater said...

You’re welcome SheWrites

Sounds like I did you a favor. Now you can work full time at the Oil company.

Jaded Saudi said...

Are you sure these aren't porn stars names? Like Seymore Butts.

Mike Hunt. LOL.

Playa Hater said...


They might be fake.

Although I’m sure about one which is Ol' Dirty Bastard may he rest in peace.

SheWrites said...

If they'd ever call me back. :|

If I do lose my job and the oil company doesn't call, you'll have to employ me. So keep that in mind.


Playa Hater said...

I might have something opening up soon, will keep you posted SheWrites!