Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Fart Show...sorry I meant the Farm Show

I have an idea for a new television show! I think this idea is going to be the idea of the century, and I’m really exited about it!

Here it goes……

The TV show is basically what I like to call a “Reality Show” ©

A Reality Show © is all about reality….my idea is to take a group people, preferably 12 ‘celebrities’, and put them on a farm. The farm show will be revolving around the “back to basics” “back to nature” concepts where ordinary people accustomed to contemporary lifestyles are thrown together in an isolated farm devoid of modern day appliances, electricity and running water.

They will have to run the farm and tend to the daily chores forced upon them by the presence of the farm animals, animals such as cows, chicken and sheep and other farm species that need constant care and attention.

They have to adapt to the new conditions dedicated by their presence on the farm. Their only means to have food on their table is solely provided for by the harvest of the land and from whatever the farm animals can make available for them.

I’m so excited about this idea and really hope nobody thought about it before I did.

Oh I’m going to be so ridiculously rich!

Right now I’m thinking of offering a spot on the farm show to a couple of my fellow country-men/women, I hope they say yes!

I hired some actors and shot a pilot and will try to sell my IDEA to all the ‘major networks’!

Wish me luck!

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