Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rats and Hygiene

Rats and Hygiene
They go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You can't have one without the other


Sloth said...

waaaaai3 ! i dont know how can they stand them.. bleekh kash sha3ar yanby..

Anonymous said...

hahahha. Damn boy i love that show..Ted Bundy kicks ass

iDip said...

did he get his 200 fils prize?

Playa Hater said...


I recommend watching a movie called “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” then you will get a better understanding of who’s really in charge here. You’ll get what I mean if you watch the movie.


This is Ted Bundy (Who is Ted Bundy?)

This is Al Bundy (Who is Al Bundy?)

Ted Bundy did more than just kick ass!


The rat gets the 200 fils.
And does the rap song "Da Dip" by a guy called Freak Nasty mean anything to you?

iDip said...

Freak & Nasty lool

what do you think of me ;p

- no I'm not a Rap person