Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Society Section

Please forgive me if this is perceived as an attack or seen as me slandering anyone.

Its just an observation!

In today’s Al Watan society section (aka يعتذر عن استقبال رواد دوانيتة).

Why Why Why would someone do this to their own flesh and blood? I hope its not marketing!

I don’t know maybe I’m wrong but it just rubbed me the wrong way.


forzaq8 said...

its marketing , thats why magazine with a lot of people pictures sells alot

tequila69 said...

Yeah they're marketing themselves for marriage. They use the newspapers and magazines to target a larger audience. Haven't you noticed that 98% of the pictures are of women graduates and not men?

Tata Botata said...

man do it tata style ... post the un-edited pictures with the full names and get a lot of hate mail. :D

Yes it's marketing, and it's dirty.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha you guyz are funny. Seriously, would a guy pick up the paper and point at a girl, and say mom, i want her????
If so, we are all doomed.

tequila69 said...

waterlilie it has happened before. He saw her pic in a magazine, contacted the magazine, got her full name and asked for her hand in marriage.

Playa Hater said...

So the verdict is marketing then, huh?


Your right, see ليالينا

waterlilie, waterlilie, oh waterlilie :

do you see now?….we are IRRESISTIBLE!!!! Tequila69 please tell her!


I chickened out.

forzaq8 said...

yeah i ment that one Playa Hater , i forgot the name

like hell i'm going to pay 1 kd for a picture magazine when i can pay .750 and get a far usefull one like newsweek

Bu-Naser said...

بصراحة الشباب يبون يطالعون صور بنات حلوين خاصة اذا كانوا كاشخين حق حفلة التخرج او احتفال او اي مناسبة، اكيد راح تكون صورهم حلوة والشباب مع الأسف يحب يشوف هالصور، انا بالنسبة لي ارفض احد ما اهلي تعرض صورتها على شيء ما يسوى، يعني مثلا اذا كانت من الاوائل او انجزت شيء معين، ميخالف قابلوها وحطو صورها بالجرايد (اذا تبي) لكن مثل هالاخبار كلش مالها داعي، وهذا مجرد رأي الخاص