Friday, July 01, 2005

يهدد أولادك بالطرد من المدرسة Blog الـ

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Jewaira said...

You are fast!
Lets hope people concentrate on the positive sides of blogging rather than the negative ones

Judy Abbott said...

oh please this is always the thing with kuwait newspapers they dig into the worse negetivity like the bluetooth thingi they didnt put how BT is used and saves time but they wrote about houw badly ppl r using it .. this way they lead people to either go back from it or se the -ve thing in every new thing.. fa kil shay ye9eer '3ala6...

etdesheen il net abbeeeeh ana ma adesh al net bs anazel a'3any (DAAAAA isnt that net or net is only chatting ) the same idea.