Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I noticed in blogs when people post in Arabic the alignment is all screwed up (i.e. when you use commas, periods or exclamation marks).

There is a relatively simple solution to this problem arrived at by following these steps:

In the Compose mode write your entire post in Arabic right aligned

Once finished, switch over to the Edit HTML mode and before where it says align=”right” type dir=”rtl” and hit preview to check if the effect has taken place.

so the code in HTML will look like this:

dir="rtl" align="right"

Once you have checked that all is well on the preview go ahead and publish your post.

That’s it.


not formated properly:

الاتجاه الخاطئ؟!!.. ,,

Formatted properly

الاتجاه الصحيح؟!!.. ,,

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