Monday, June 20, 2005

What is she pointing at?


Bo Jaij said...

To her hidden weapons of mass destruction

MacRoyal said...

Camaaan give her a break,,,she is only marketing her milk factory???

Playa Hater said...

Bo Jail:

Weapons of mass distraction


What about the girl behind her is she the milking machine?

tequila69 said...

hehehe hidden? They don't seem hidden to me!
Part of the lebanese force! She reminded me of that old cartoon what's it called? where the women's boobs shoot out into torpedoes.

Playa Hater said...

Don’t know about the Cartoon.

But now that you brought it up I’m reminded of the Fembot’s in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

The Fembot had machine guns installed in their breasts! So there you go.

Click hereto see a real Fembot!

tequila69 said...

ohhhh yeah forgot about them. Great movie.

SheWrites said...

Their poses are very "werd up," "power to da people, yo,".. no?

Weapons of mass distraction. Hee.


illusion said...

Thats a tricky questions

Playa Hater said...

The pose is reminiscent of
gang signs
made popular by thugs in the hood or ghetto.

tequila69 said...

So if i interpret the gang signs correctly
the girl behind: F**k U
the girl infront: my boobs are #1