Friday, June 17, 2005

Try to maintain eye contact

eye contact

direct look into eyes: the act of looking directly into the eyes of another person


Judy Abbott said...

Man you cracked me up :P
this is a direct eye contact you dont know !! this is the new age eyes man :P

Tata Botata said...


Look at his hand and his face

"Can you give me some?"

Who's this guy anyway?

Playa Hater said...


He was keeping eye contact with something!


This guy is non other than our current Finance Minister Bader Al-Humaidhi

I kinda felt hesitant about posting this, because I love the guy! The camera guy was fishing in muddy waters.

يعقووبوو said...

عادي كلش عادي مو اول مره ولا اخر مره (:

وشكراً للمساحه
ودمتم سالمين ... (:

Kuwaiti_Man said...

بالعكس الوزير محترم وعينه مو زايغة

ويفرق عن أخوه حمد الحميضي, نائب مدير التأمينات, هذاك لي شاف حريم, نزل فكه الى سره, وقامت سعابيله تصب من حلجه مثل الشلال