Monday, June 27, 2005

The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy

fairy replacing tooth with money: a fairy who, in children’s folklore, takes away the baby tooth that a child leaves under the pillow and replaces it with a coin or small gift

And while were on the subject of Fairy's here's a New York Fairy!


Judy Abbott said...

7aram 3aleek this is not a 10pm post ya akhy post it earlier :( eeeew

MacRoyal said...

من اثار حرب الخليج؟؟؟؟؟

Playa Hater said...


No need to fear him, he's just the tooth fairy...he gives you gifts and money


Good one...looool...:)

Anonymous said...

ha ha. fabulous.

Playa Hater said...


Which one the tooth fairy or the fairy?

tequila69 said...

loooooooool sij macroyal ektharaw 3ogob 7arb elkhaleej.

playa i really enjoy ur blog :) keep it up. Hilarious.

MacRoyal said...

تونى شايف منهم بمجمع الكوت ؟؟؟ شكثرهم.... ياتكيلا

Judy Abbott said...

maby gifts minah .. i will give him a girf a9ali7 asnanah ! :S